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Cannatique Farms – Lemon Cherry Gelato Littles – 14g


Cannatique Farms Lemon Cherry Gelato Littles are perfect for any cannabis connoisseur. These potent and flavorful buds provide a unique experience with its intense terpene profile and high THC levels. Try our 14g today and get ready for the week

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Cannatique Farms – Lemon Cherry Gelato Littles – 14g for sale

Cannatique’s Verified Lemon Cherry is a hybrid strain that comes from a Runtz variety and brings on a soothing body high that comes with waves of euphoria. This Hybrid is known for its creamy dessert flavor and deeply relaxing effects. Verified Lemon Cherry is known for its scent and potency and is a verified hit. This Hybrid is great for anytime use! Smalls. 14g.

License: C11-0000434-LIC

Hybrid Strains
If indica and sativa are like ESPN and ESPN2, hybrid strains are The Ocho: anything goes! Growers mix and match chill-inducing indica and energy-producing sativa strains to achieve certain effects, which means there’s a vast range of cannabis experiences within the hybrid category. Most flower on the market is some kind of hybrid, including legendary strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato, Gorilla Glue and Pineapple Express. Keep an eye out for whether a hybrid is labeled sativa- or indica-dominant as an indicator for what its effects may be.

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