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Wasabi Zushi


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The Wazabi Strain

 The next stop on the Toure de Z-Terps is Wazabi by Zushi and The Ten Co. It makes sense after trying and reviewing both the Yellow and Blue Zushi.


 Everyone online claims the genetics of this strain to be the cross of Zkittles and Kush Mints #10, which I have no reason to disagree with. 

Wasabi Zushi Appearance

 The appearance of the flowers are very Zkittles-esc. The colas are a light green hue with just the right amount of long orange hair and a splash of purple leaves here and there. 


 The nose is probably the most interesting and unique thing about this strain. Even though my batch has a slightly muted nose, I can still pick up on the complex spicey Zkittles evolution. I would describe the nose as a spicier Z-terp profile complemented by sweet vanilla buttercream and toasted almond notes. 

The Inhale & The Exhale

 The inhale of Wazabi begins with subtle spicy Z-terp notes complemented by dough notes that become lost in the lingering wave of Z-Terps awash in the exhale. 

The Smoking Experience

 The smoking experience of these flowers is on par with the rest of the top-shelf exotic strains today. Surprisingly, I believe I enjoyed this strain most on the Zkittlez cross tour with the very complex lingering Z exhale.

The High

 I find the high to be a clean, functional head high with very little body high. I would find this high ideal for pre or post-exercising, working on your to-do list, and being productive. 

So was Wazabi worth the money, and would I repurchase it?

 Yes, and Yes. I am enjoying these top-shelf flowers considerably, and I am glad I tried them. I enjoyed the complex lingering exhale most of all. 


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